Healthcare Almanac Installation


Healthcare Almanac is a "Smart Client" application installed from the internet. A smart client application has the best features of the web application and the best features of a desktop/laptop application. The following instructions will guide you through the internet setup method. This process normally takes 20 to 30 minutes with a standard DSL connection. We will be glad to help you perform the installation. We can also install the software by a Remote Meeting session.

The typical Healthcare Almanac installation consists of three steps.

  • Install Healthcare Almanac software.
  • Download and unzip the User Database for your local computer.
  • Setup access to the Permanent Databases stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud with information for Cost Reports, POS and Summary Healthcare information.

1. Create the User Database Directory (2 minutes)

Please create a directory ( we suggest the name - HDatabases) on your local hard drive for the User Database. This directory will have the downloaded user database. This directory will have a database named Halmanac.sdf that stores the selection tables, system work tables and all report workfiles.

2. Download the User Database (4 minutes based on connection speed)

Press the Download User Database button and follow the instuctions. Select Save to the database to the user Database Directory. The current download size is 143MB. 

3. Unzip the User Database (2 minutes)

After the download is complete, minimize Internet Explorer and start up Windows Explorer.  Navigate to the downloaded User Database.  If using Windows 7 or Vista, please 'unblock' the downloaded file.  Click on the file named and expand the database in the HDatabases directory.  Please make sure the databases in expanded into the directory Hdatabases. 

4.  Install Healthcare Almanac software and Microsoft components (3 minutes based on connection speed)

You can install the Healthcare Almanac software from the internet by the "Microsoft Click Once" method.  The software package consists of the following items;

  • Healthcare Almanac software
  • Microsoft Web Installer 4.5 (from Microsoft Corporation)
  • Microsoft Framework 4.6 Client Profile (from Microsoft Corporation)
  • SQL Server Compact 4.0 SP1 (from Microsoft Corporation)
  • Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 Runtime (from Microsoft Corporation)**
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2015 CLR Types (from Microsoft Corporation)

All of the software from Microsoft Corporation is downloaded and installed from Microsoft websites.  Healthcare Almanac is developed with Microsoft software and is licensed for redistribution of these Microsoft components.  If any of the Microsoft components are already installed, the components will be bypassed or upgraded as necessary.

** The Microsoft Installation script to install Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 contains an error caused by security requirements. Please install the Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 with the Software Support link below.

When Healthcare Almanac is installed from the internet, you will receive all software upgrades over the internet.  Each time you start the program, Healthcare Almanac checks for any program updates.

5.  System Setup (5 minutes)

When the Healthcare Almanac installation is finished, you should have Healthcare Almanac on the screen. If not, go to the start menu on your computer or desktop icon and select Healthcare Almanac.  When the software begins, select the menu item File and then select System Setup.  On this screen, enter the "Client User ID" and "Client Password" that was sent to you by email.  Press save to save the information to the registry on your computer. This Client User ID and Password are unique to your organization.  This will provide internet access (SQL Login) to the Permanent Databases.  The system is now installed and ready for use.

Trouble Shooting.

You may receive a message to Locate the User Database. The system is setup to use the Hdatabases location.  Select the menu item File and then select System Setup.  On this screen, browse to the location of the User Database and select the location. Press save to save the location of the User Database.  The user database is now ready for use.

Software Support

The link below will take you to the Software Support page to install SQL Server Express (Free from Microsoft) and other Microsoft Support software. These installations normally require administrative priviledges. This software can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10.

Optional - Install from a DVD.

Normally, you want to install Healthcare Almanac over the internet.  Howerver, if security, privacy or accessibility is an issue, you can Install from DVDs. You must obtain an Installation DVD which can be sent by Fedex (no charge) to your office.

Optional - Store Permanent Databases on your computer.

Normally, you want to access the Permanent Databases over the internet.  Howerver, if security, privacy or performance is an issue, you can download, unzip and attach the Permanent Databases.  You must install SQL Server Express (Free from Microsoft) for the databases. The Permanent Databases databases are quite large (65 to 500 meg) and require several hours of download time with a standard DSL connection.  Please contact client support to discuss this option.  A password is required to unzip the databases.