Healthcare Magazines

Healthcare magazines are a great way to read short amounts of information about business intelligence you can learn with the Healthcare Almanac website or Provider Almanac desktop. We subscribe to magazines that are relevent to Healthcare Almanac. The following magazines and annual publications are reviewed by provider business intelligence to Healthcare Professionals.

On this webpage, we list all the national healthcare magazines and publications that we beleive are relevent to marketing, public relations, capacity planning and stragetic planning.

HFMA - Healthcare Finanical Management Association

Monthly - This magazine is included in the HFMA membership. The magazine is about 15% advertising. The magazine has a monthly theme of relevent topics. Overall, this magazine is a great source of information. We have many of the back issues and can help with a research project.

Health Affairs

This magazine is available by subscription for $173 per year. The magazine is published by Project HOPE. The magazine normally contains about 30 articles that are well written and edited. The articles focus on the healthcare industry and the authors are from major coporations, government and universities. The magazine does not contain any advertising.

SHSMD - Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development

Monthly Newsletter. This newsletter is included in the AHA/SHSMD membership. The newletter normally has 6 to 10 short articles that specifically relate to the business of healthcare. Many articles are written by SHSMD members.