Healthcare Websites

Our goal is to provide healthcare professionals with useful business intelligence information. We believe our website and desktop products have value to find resources and get the information into a meaningful format. Healthcare Almanac monitors a number of these websites for information. We want Healthcare Almanac to have all national publicly available information. Additionally, we are members of public healthcare organizations. Through our memberships, we have access to valuable information. We receive the newsletters and look for new sources of information for Healthcare Almanac. Please go through this list of websites. If you are new to the healthcare industry, this is a good place to look for information.

HFMA - Healthcare Financial Management Association

Membership in this organization is important to professionals in the financial management of a healthcare organization. This organization has an annual conference and training sessions through out the year. There are state chapters that provide additional networking opportunities and training events. There are over 36,000 members.

AHA - American Hospital Association

Almost all hospitals are a member of the American Hospital Association. The principle purpose of this organization is to represent and lobby congress for hospitals. This organization has an annual meeting in Washington, DC. The daily newsletter of healthcare news is quite complete for current events. Many healthcare professionals are members of the sub organizations within AHA. These sub organizations or societies also have annual meetings and monthly newsletters. All the states have their state chapters which are loosely related to AHA.

SHSMD - Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development

SHSMD is a society within the American Hospital Association. This organization has an annual meeting and a monthly newsletter. The group has an active community website for questions by members. We are members of this group. This group has over 3,600 members.

FHA - Florida Hospital Association

The Florida Hospital Association has about 220 hospitals as members. The primary purpose of FHA is to represent and lobby for Florida hospitals in the state legislature. FHA has an annual meeting with a tradeshow and many newsletters. The Florida Society for Hospital Public Relations and Marketing is part of FHA. Healthcare Almanac is located in Florida.

CMS - Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services

The CMS.GOV website has a lot of information about the Medicare and Medicaid programs. There is information about how to do business with CMS. Also, there is information on services offered by CMS.

CMS is a primary source of information for Provider Almanac. You can go to the site and see the available information. This CMS.GOV website has access to documentation and descriptions of files used in the Provider Almanac desktop.

Census Bureau

The Census Bureau is responsible for taking the decennial census, providing information about the population and redistricting of congress. There is a vast amount of information available on this web site. Typically, you must have a specific information requirement to benefit from using the American Atlas or other information retrieval services. The site does not offer any analytical or comparative analysis.

The Census Bureau is the primary source of information for future Population Almanac product. You can go to this site and see the available information. This site has access to documentation and descriptions of files that will be used in Population Almanac.