HA Database Overview

The Healthcare Almanac Database provides the data source for the HA Website and HA Desktop. The HA Database is located in a Microsoft Azure DataCenter and is stored in a Microsoft Azure SQL Database. The HA Database can be accessed over the an internet connection with a User ID and Password. The HA Database was developed at Intech Computer Systems, Inc by Robert Neal, CPA. The Database consists of Summary Tables, Cost Report Tables, POS Tables and Supporting Tables. The Summary Tables are used by the HA Website to provide rapid access to summary provider information. The provider information consists of Profile Information, KPI Calculations and Values, Financial Statements, Cost Report Worksheets, Geography Information and Cost Report History.

Healthcare Almanac Database has information for Providers; Hospitals, SNFs, HHAs, ESRDs, and Hospice. The information is available for 12 years. Each year, a new year is added and an old year is dropped. CMS upgrades the format of Cost Reports for providers. The Hospital and SNF Cost Reports were upgraded to a new format in 2011. The ESRD Cost Reports were upgraded in 2011 with Financial Information which allowed the Cost Reports to be added to the HA Database. The Mental Health and Clinic Cost Reports was added in 2011 and the format was upgraded in 2019. The Hospice Cost Reports were upgraded in 2015.

The Healthcare Almanac Database is accessible to users with a subscription agreement. These users can use SQL Management Studio to access the Database with an SQL Login/User ID and Password. The user can write SQL scripts to access tables. The SQL tables can be imported into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Power BI. The number is ways to use the HA Database are almost unlimited. The Documentation available below shows the organization and layouts of the HA Database with brief descriptions of the tables. Please read the HA Database Overview to get an insight into the organization of the tables.

HA Database

Summary Database

Cost Report Database

POS Database

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