HA Desktop Reports

HA Desktop Summary Section has 5 report setup screens, 5 selection list screens and 5 types of reports. The sample screens and reports are for Hospitals. The hospital reports are much larger with more detail. The other providers for SNF, HHA, ESRD and Hospice have similar screens, lists and reports. Samples of each item is listed below.

HA Desktop Summary Section

Profile Reports

KPI Report

Compare Report - Revenue Amounts

Financial Reports

Department Reports

Profile Report Setup Screen

Profile Setup Screen

KPI Setup Screen

KPI Setup Screen

Compare Report Setup Screen

KPI Setup Screen

Financial Report Setup Screen

Financial Report Setup

Department Report Seutp Screen

Department Report Setup

Hospital Selection List Screen

Hospital Selection List

KPI Selection List Screen

KPI Selection List

Compare Selection List Screen

Compare Selection List

Financial Selection List Screen

Financial Selection List

Department Selection List Screen

Department Selection List